Customer Spotlight: How Vivino Measures Customer Service Success


The quality of a brand’s customer service can be difficult to measure because it’s often subjective. Setting key performance indicators (KPIs) is an important way for businesses to set specific and measurable goals around the quality of customer service they offer. For brands like Vivino, the world’s largest mobile wine marketplace, three of the most historically effective KPIs to measure are: time to first response (TTFR), time to resolve (TTR) and customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Here’s how Vivino’s Chad Boonsupa, VP Customer Experience, explains how he connects these metrics to his overarching strategy. 

Responding as Soon as Possible is Absolutely Critical

Vivino is an innovative app that helps millions of people worldwide share wines they love and buy wines that others recommend. By using Vivino, wine drinkers can scan wine labels to bring up information quickly and even buy wines directly from the app in some countries. It’s the most downloaded wine app to date, which means there are a lot of app users who may need support.

Using Helpshift, Vivino leverages bots and AI for messaging-based customer service. Bots allow customers to self-serve instantly, and AI-based classification quickly routes customers to the agent who will be able to help them most effectively. This automated first step allows customer inquiries to get in front of the right agent or bot as quickly as possible.

“Our partnership with Helpshift has helped us to improve this very important KPI,” Boonsupa says. “At Vivino, we look at speedy resolution time, but most importantly, how fast can we get to that first customer interaction.” 

“When bots can’t answer a question,” he continues, “it’s very important to route a customer to a human being who can provide that inflection, that tone and that elevated service.” 

This approach of integrating bots and humans together into customer service has reduced time to first response for Vivino by 81 percent in the US and 44 percent in Europe.

Efficient Resolution is Attainable with the Right Strategy

Time to first response is necessary to making customers feel heard and supported, but if their issue is not resolved quickly, that initial impression quickly goes south. Boonsupa describes the customer sentiment here: “I want to be able to launch a message, but if I’m not able to get to a resolution, I want to be able to talk to someone — and that’s okay. Having the ability to quickly switch channels within one experience is absolutely the way that we need to move as far as technology is concerned.”

When information carries over from channel to channel, it means that agents can jump right in, get to the heart of the issue, and resolve it as quickly as possible. 

Agent productivity, too, improves when bots are used with web and mobile messaging, because bots collect routine information so agents don’t have to. Helpshift’s ability to seamlessly escalate a conversation with a bot to a conversation with a live agent within the same channel, and have the agent come into that conversation fully up to speed with the issue at hand, helps expedite resolution for customers.

The 2019 - app网赌 Benchmark Report found that for brands that have integrated bots, time to resolution has improved by 25-50 percent, depending on the industry.

CSAT is a Great Indicator of CX, but it’s Not Perfect

Quick time to resolution is important, but customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores shed light on the overall support experience. There are limitations to CSAT as it is self-reported and may not directly reflect agent performance due to factors outside the agent’s control, but it is arguably the most holistic metric that brands have at their disposal. 

That Benchmark Report found that brands see significantly higher CSAT ratings for messaging-based conversations than other support channels. Average scores were 4.1 for messaging, 3.6 for live chat, 3.3 for email and 3.0 for web forms. Brands that use self-service tools like FAQs in tandem with automated workflows achieve particularly strong CSAT ratings.

Boonsupa says, “Having AI, bots and human beings working together in channels like voice and messaging is the absolute best recipe for improved customer satisfaction.” 

Vivino has an impressive 4.8 rating on the Apple App Store, and continues to dominate the growing wine-app market. The combination of human support and automation that Vivino has put in place with Helpshift keeps its KPIs healthy and its customers happy.

Published July 8, 2019
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